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STG Consulting is a software consulting firm specialized in all system integration and solution consulting covering all vertical solutions across all product lines. STG Consulting focuses on Information Governance including Matteroom, iManage, Workshare, Capex, Capax and RSA and Marketing Optimization such as EidosMedia. EidosMedia is the industry leading Enterprise CMS that well adopted in Content Publishing and Management for large scale New Organizations, Financial Institutions and Government Agencies.


Matteroom was developed by Smart Team Global (STG) for lawyers and legal partners to empower the management of legal practice to bring the maximum work efficiency among the law firms. All the information in Matteroom is stored around a matter, includes Conflict Check, Matter Management, Project Management, Billing Management includes Clocking/Timesheet & Expense, KPI and more.

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Smart Team Global

Smart Team Global is a software consulting firm specialized in the most advanced enterprise solutions globally. We work with our customers to address their most critical challenges and transform their enterprises by leveraging the most advanced technologies. We help many legal professionals to improve their efficiency and achieve success.

We provide our customers with the best value-added services and improve their ROI.
We are committed to provide solutions that drive sustainable impact.
We maintain 100% project success rate to achieve competitive advantage and lasting results.
We provide the most advanced technology powered solutions to our customers combining our steady global industry and experiences and through analysis.

The company’s extensive business knowledge covers the most trusted enterprise software technologies, providing solutions for law firms, corporate legal and enterprises, including big data applications, supervision, enterprise information archive, and even eDiscovery. We combine leading technology, industry expertise and innovative approach to maximize productivity and boost improve return on investment (ROI).

We are fully committed to work together with our customers to create success.

A Practice Management Solution for the legal industry


Matter Centric, a Practice Management Solution tailor-made for legal professionals and teams. Matter management, project management, document management, knowledge management, financial management, business intelligence, marketing content management, etc. to enable lawyers and corporate legal better collaborate on the same platform.


· Matter Centric

· Process Control

· Compliance and Regulation

· Big Data Applications

· Mobility

· Intangible Coordination and Cooperation

Legal Documentation and Records Management

iManage Work 10 & Records Management

Traditional methods and solutions for managing content are no longer sufficient to meet today’s data volumes, user expectations, and global workforce needs. The iManage Work 10 Document Management solution, which provides information and risk management, has powered law firms and professional services companies achieve a quantum leap in productivity.

· Matter Centric viewer

· Best Practice Management

· Workflow and Automation

· Contract Management

Documents Comparison & Collaboration

The fastest way to compare and review documents, seamlessly integrates with iManage, Opentext, SharePoint and other leading DMS solutions.

When you need to compare, secure or share documents, Workshare is the intelligent platform you can rely on.


· File Comparison

· File & Metadata Security

· Secure File Transfer

· File Sharing & DMS Mobility

· Client Extranet

· Checklists & Closing Binders

Knowledge Management

With so many repositories and systems to search when you’re looking for information, quickly finding what’s relevant is no easy task. We understand. That’s exactly why we created iManage Insight.


· Quickly locate assets across multiple repositories and locations – and internet sites as well

· Easily identify internal expertise and subject matter experts

· Enhance productivity and service by applying knowledge management across disparate systems

· Powerful enterprise search engine

· Change the way of professional knowledge

· Compliance and full use of enterprise resources

Enterprise information archiving and preservation

As companies become increasingly aware of the importance of information governance to enforce clear policies and limit risk, it no longer makes sense to consider legacy models that used archives as permanent storage centers for information, no matter its business need. Now, archives are no longer merely for efficient storage, but also for gathering intelligence about content and automating key governance processes. Legal holds and retention classifications are no longer set by arbitrary time periods; instead, organizations can make judicious, well-informed decisions based on the meaning of the content. Storage size need no longer balloon as companies scramble to keep all information, instead irrelevant material can be automatically classified and discarded.


· Detailed reporting and audit trial of all operations and data

· Intelligent “single instance” algorithm

· Platforms based on enterprise search engine IDOL

· Single, high-extension, high-security platform


information governance with comprehensive and easy-to-use discovery. Featuring updated capabilities to meet today’s litigation and regulatory obligations, data from across an organization can be rapidly searched, preserved, reviewed and exported.

· Through the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM)

· Save up to 60% more cost than traditional eDiscovery

· Easily manage dark data



    “STG has helped us to solve issues and optimize our platform with professionalism and technical capability. We chose STG team because of their professional advice and deep understanding of the user behavior in the legal industry. STG is a trustworthy partner and we also expect STG to bring more  information management solutions and advice.”

    —Fangda Partners IT team and partners (6.2017.)

  • “On behalf of all of us here on the project team, I want to extend my sincerest thank you for your efforts helping us make this rollout a success! It was a pleasure working with each of you, and while I did not have the opportunity to meet most of you in person, I saw a variety of email correspondence and gathered feedback from all of our offices. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive.  You truly made an impact and helped our users through this change, and for that we are so grateful. Again, I cannot speak to how highly regarded each of you were in helping our users, problem-solving, and being a sounding board through a challenging change.”

    — Ogrodnik, Lauren A.  IT Training and Communications Manager in K&L Gates (11.2016.)

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Latest News

iManage Honored as ILTA’s 2017 Innovative Solution Provider of the Year.

Matteroom becomes one of iManage's preferred Practice Management Solutions.

June, 2017 Fangda Partners selects Matteroom as its Practice Management solution.

June, 2017 Fangda Partners upgrades its DMS to iManage Work 10.


Apr., 2017 STG hosts Global Compliance Marketing Event. Experts from KNJ and Capax introduce western case studies.

Apr., 2017 STG sponsors e-Discovery course in Shanghai, hosted by CACLO.

Oct, 2016 iManage selects STG as their trusted partner to rollout K&L Gates iManage Work project for its 6 offices in Asia, Tokyo, Singapore, HongKong, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing. 6 Asia Offices went live successfully along with it’s 30+ Global offices.